Monday, 17 June 2013

Undulations in the dark

Being a poor sleeper, it doesn't take much to disturb my nights. Last night was a different kind of disturbance though.

I was already awake at 2.15 am, and about to try to sleep again when I heard something moving the gravel outside our front door. Of course I had to check, and could just make out in the gloom a shape undulating. Too small for a fox I thought, could be a cat. Then as my eyes became accustomed to the dark, I could see that it was not one animal, but two, either fighting or copulating, not sure which!

It was two hedgehogs, and one seemed to be making angry noises. They were nearly joined by a third, a small one which was travelling down the nearby pathway. It seemed to think better of joining in the affray and wandered off again. As we rarely see hedgehogs, it was good to know they're still around.
I didn't want either of them to hurt the other, so went downstairs and opened the front door. One scarpered immediately, the other just stayed still, not even rolling itself into a ball. It was gone this morning though, so couldn't have been badly hurt. Surprising how quickly they can move when they want.