Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Writing competitions

Yesterday I finished the 10 competitions set by Christine Carr for Crystal Magazine. Maybe they're not literary marvels, but at least I finished them! Back now to trying to finish other projects I've started, some a few years back. I'd like to complete them and clear my computer and files.
The writing group I go to was rather depleted yesterday, due to family problems mainly. We struggled on without our leader and managed to set some 'homework' too. Several ideas now for future workshops.
This morning I went to the intermediate computer group I belong to. We were mainly a self-help group today, with discussions as well to solve any queries. All quite interesting, but once I get home things don't seem to work quite the same as they do there! Back to the drawing board as they say.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Do my eyes deceive me?

Feeling quite excited. This afternoon, while walking Gizmo on the field opposite, (recreation ground), I'm about 90% certain that I saw a pair of hoopoes. They flew away so quickly, hence the 10% doubt, but how great would that be, here in Dorset? I shall look again tomorrow, and will put out some porridge in the garden in the morning. You may wonder at that, but when we lived in Spain, we put out the scrapings from our pan of porridge, and saw hoopoes eating it. Strange but true.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

 Cara, as a puppy in Spain

I guess most people have at least one pilgrimage they'd like to make. Before I'm too old to do it, I'd really like to travel to the countryside in Spain, to the tree where Cara, my lovely dog who died last year, was brought up. (Non dog lovers need not read on.)

It was such a privilege for me to share Cara's life, and those who don't know her story may not understand why. Her mother led me to an olive tree where she'd hidden her puppies, and I was then the only human who knew where they were. When she was old enough, Cara came to live with me, and I tried to arrange for the other dogs to be cared for. I think the mother and one puppy were cared for, but we moved house shortly afterwards, so can't be sure. Cara was a delight.

Grown-up Cara living in England.

Last year, Cara died after developing osteosarcoma, aged only 6 years. I miss her still, but would love to visit the tree where it all started.

Cara with only 3 legs, (but you can't tell when she was sat like this.)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Squirming worms

Yesterday Mike decided to clean out the wormery. He had probably a thousand of the squirming creatures when he tipped it all out. They'd broken down all the vegetation with the exception of egg-shells, so now we have some good compost to use, and the worms are back in their home with some fresh food and new soil to start all over again.