Sunday, 8 May 2011

 Cara, as a puppy in Spain

I guess most people have at least one pilgrimage they'd like to make. Before I'm too old to do it, I'd really like to travel to the countryside in Spain, to the tree where Cara, my lovely dog who died last year, was brought up. (Non dog lovers need not read on.)

It was such a privilege for me to share Cara's life, and those who don't know her story may not understand why. Her mother led me to an olive tree where she'd hidden her puppies, and I was then the only human who knew where they were. When she was old enough, Cara came to live with me, and I tried to arrange for the other dogs to be cared for. I think the mother and one puppy were cared for, but we moved house shortly afterwards, so can't be sure. Cara was a delight.

Grown-up Cara living in England.

Last year, Cara died after developing osteosarcoma, aged only 6 years. I miss her still, but would love to visit the tree where it all started.

Cara with only 3 legs, (but you can't tell when she was sat like this.)

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