Thursday, 15 September 2011

An early start, an incontinent dog and lunch at European time

Up at 5.30 to take my brother to hospital. I'd prepared breakfast last evening, thought I had little to do, only to discover when I went into the kitchen, that poor Gizmo had been 'taken short' in the night. He never makes a mess, but of course he's getting older. Just the wrong morning. We soon caught up though, and I even managed a little walk for Gizmo about 6.15. Left the house at 6.30, and were back again just before 9.
Couldn't go far as we had to wait for the hospital to phone to go and collect brother again. Just about to finish cooking lunch when the hospital rang. He was ready, could we make our way to Blandford.
We decided to put lunch on hold, had a quick banana, plus a glucose tablet, and set off. Lovely day for a drive in the country. Brother taken back home, feeling a little woozy. One relieved wife waiting for him.
We had lunch when we arrived home, about 3.30. Just like being back in Spain! Throws the system here though, as when do we eat our next meal? Gizmo thought it odd too, and told me off for not taking him for a walk at the usual times.

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