Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Return to photography and writing groups, and trouble in mouth sorted

Yesterday was like being back in a new school term. In the morning the photography group met up for the first autumn session. We have several new members, so should be very interesting with more feedback and more ideas floating around.
In the afternoon the writing group reconvened, and although we'd expected two new members they didn't turn up. Maybe they're still looking for the venue, or had the wrong date in mind. Look forward to finding out what happened. We had a lot of laughs there as usual, and enjoyed the company so much. It certainly does give the mind and soul a lift.
Back to the dentist this morning. I thought he may be English this time, as I heard somebody say his name is Michael, but he turned out to be a German. However, he seems to have sorted me out now and I can not only enjoy my food again, but converse freely too. (Some say that's not such a blessing.) Great relief to me anyway, so hope he'll stay here for some time.

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