Thursday, 20 December 2012

Bad Timing

Talk about putting a damper on my Christmas fare! Yesterday I received a letter from our local GP surgery, asking me to make an appointment to have my blood sugar tested, since they have told me I have impaired Fasting Glycaemia! This is a pre-diabetic condition. I must have my blood tested annually to see if I have developed diabetes.

Following this they made recommendations about what I should be eating, less sugary food, less fat and take more exercise. Couldn't they have left this until after Christmas? I don't intend to make a pig of myself, but we all enjoy chocolates, Christmas pudding and mince pie etc.

I'll wait until the New Year to make the appointment, but suspect all my levels will be higher than usual because of the time of year. At least they are keeping an eye on me, for which I should be grateful.

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone.


  1. Yes, I agree, not the best time of year to begin a healthier diet! But the good news is that you might be able to avoid developing diabetes. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes after a routine medical check up. It was a huge shock as he thought he was fit & healthy but the condition is now under control. The biggest danger of diabetes is all the side effects it can cause in people who don't realise they've got it.
    Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!

    1. Thanks Linda, and a Merry Christmas and New Year to you. We know about the dangers of diabetes, as my husband, like yours, was diagnosed at a routine check. I was told the same year (10 years ago) that I was borderline, but have never been summonsed to the surgery before! As you say, it's best to keep an eye on things though.