Sunday, 9 December 2012

Of Mice and Monkeys

Mouse alert! Mike decided to take garden waste to the tip this morning. On loading the car with the bags, a mouse jumped out of one of them, straight into the car (my car.) We tried poking with a stick to no avail. No sign of the little beastie. Mike decided to carry on.
When he arrived at the tip he opened the doors and found the mouse sitting in the wheel arch. It was gone in a flash, poor little thing. Far from home now and missing its family. Feel sorry for it, but I didn't want it running around my car when I'm driving, and maybe jumping down my neck.

It's great living so close to Monkey World; we often hear the chimps as they have their breakfast, but this last week when we've had cold weather, they've been making so much noise. Last Sunday we thought they must have escaped and any moment we expected to see some of them swinging over the rooftops. I think it must have been the direction of the wind that we heard them so clearly, or maybe they were complaining about being shut out of their homes while their keepers were cleaning them. No news of any breakout anyway.

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